We work closely with salespeople to create and enhance branding that stands out through their property videos as well as profile videos, advertising media, and testimonials.

This case study is of Steve Hood from Barfoot & Thompson Remuera.

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Steve Hood is a prolific salesperson in the Remuera and Meadowbank areas. He’s kind, fun and understanding while

also having an adept knowledge of the industry and strong sales presence. His existing branding was ‘The Super Agent’, which matched his quirky personality with his proven results, but no longer suited the style he wanted to convey.


Profile Video

A refresh of Steve’s brand aimed to keep the personality while adding an upmarket sense of style. Rich, vibrant colours, cool jazz tunes and bespoke graphics aimed to take the tone of family-friendly Meadowbank and combine it with the prestige of Remuera.


Teaming up with Rawdon Christie to cover a broader range of upmarket homes required an update to Steve’s database. We produced a sales funnel video to announce the partnership, which kept his potential clients up-to-date and Steve in the forefront of their minds.

Headshots and Advertising

Steve and Rawdon also required print and digital photography. Collaborating together, we came up with the ‘Stability In An Unpredictable Market’ ad. Using a variety of camera techniques to reinforce the metaphor, we created a visually distinct ad that conveyed their strength and experience.

Steve and Rawdon Billboard - v1a.jpg

Continuous Support

Following the brand refresh, we continue to work closely with Steve on each of his property videos, ensuring each listing is not only presented at its best, but reflects and reinforces his new, reputable image. 


We also offer tailored and repurposed video content for his social media and marketing emails, keeping Steve’s image consistent and cohesive across all platforms.